Saturday, December 8, 2007

Chicago Engagement Party

Our second engagement party was on Friday. We had the best time ever!

My bridesmaid, Shena, hosted the event at her condo in Ravenswood. There was an Italian theme for the evening. Shena created a proseco bar full of mixers and garnishes.

The entire bridal party pitched in by making dishes for the event. All of it was amazing Italian food.

There were a couple of desserts but the hit of the evening was drunken ladyfingers topped with pastry creme. Yeah, it was that good. Here's a picture of Julia, the wife of one of the groomsmen, finishing it up.

Here is me with the gracious host and bridesmaid, Shena, me, and my officiant, Bridget. My bridesmaid is due in 6 weeks, my officiant is due in 11 weeks.

I'm a bride!

Me and my MOH, Nichole

Shena's husband, Ben, made everyone CDs as the party favor. A little background: I love 80s power ballads. (Don't laugh. OK, fine, laugh.) So a few years ago, we all went skating for Shena's birthday. I'm terrible. I really don't know how to skate. So the cover made me laugh out loud and make a bunch of funny noises.

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Anonymous said...

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