Sunday, December 9, 2007

Engagement Photos

We received our engagement photos! I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We met Sally on the el near our old office. We took a lot of pictures on the LaSalle platform. It's the platform that my fiance and I used to take on our way home from work. It's a very sentimental location.

Our second stop was 175 W. Jackson. It's the building of my FI's office-- the place where we met. We worked on the 22nd floor next to the building management. When the manager found out that we were engaged, she gave us special permission to use the building on the weekend. We're very grateful.

His office (I no longer work there) opens up to the roofdeck. We took some amazing shots!

Then, it was off to Starbucks. Once we started dating, we kept it a secret from the office. The one time of the day we could leave is when we went to Starbucks. If we waited until 10ish, no one would usually join us on our trip down.

Our last stop of the day was at the Art Institute. We took some lovely pictures in the gardens and outside walkways.


Amanda said...

I love that one with the two of you on the rooft and the skyscraper in the back!

Misse said...

That is the Sears Tower aka Willis Tower.

It is the roof deck of the office building where we met. It has a lot of sentimental meeting to us as does all of our locations.

Thank you!

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