Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Feel Good...

We are approaching the the 5 month mark. I feel excited, energized, and ready.

It hasn't always been peachy.

About a month ago, I started to lose it. I still didn't have my dress. Or my ring. Or ceremony musicians. Or x, y, z. Things were in progress but I wasn't checking anything off my list. My 300+ item task list.

My fiance and I got into a huge argument. Unpleasant things were said. I cried. He frowned.

While getting upset isn't a mandatory part of wedding planning, I do think that most couples go through a period-- hopefully very brief-- where they feel overwhelmed/ frustrated/ etc.

My point for this post is to let everyone know that wedding planning isn't always peachy. When you look at other wedding blogs, magazines, books, etc., no one really talks about the stress. It is stressful!


As my idol says, Tomorrow is another day.

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