Sunday, December 9, 2007

I heart Lighting & Draping

Nothing makes me swoon like hearing the words pin-spotting. If you have ever seen flowers look gorgeous in displays or professionally done, I can tell you why: pin-spotting! It’s gorgeous!

Drapery can be used to make your wedding look beautiful.

Below is a picture of the Rookery. The event designer used soem soft drapery to create a stage like appearance for the ceremony as well as hiding some of the local businesses in the entrance. There is natural uplighting to create a focal point.

In the picture below, the event designer used drapery and lighting to create a dramatic entrance into the room. Since the wedding was the Cultural Center, the dramatic entrance also creates a divider for uninvited guests. This is a great idea if you are having your wedding in a public venue.

We are having our cocktail hour in a sectioned off part of the hotel lobby. Our event designer will be creating an entrance so that nosy hotel guests can't peak in!

One of the most elegant and dramatic huppahs-- it is gorgeous!

Drapery and lighting can also be used in other parts of your wedding. Below the event designer used drapery to create a lounge. I love the drama and intensity!

The event designer used lighting through out the space to create drama!

My needs for lighting and drapery inside my reception are very similar. We're going to use the lighting near the band. I want the 9 piece band to stand out! I am also using pin-spotting on the tables with high centerpieces.

My vendor is Art of the Imagination. After I booked her, I found out that Mrs. Emerald from Wedding Bee used her as well!

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Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

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