Saturday, December 8, 2007

My 1st DIY Project

As a long time reader of all things bridal, I've always been impressed by the various DIY projects. But I've always been a little scared to try to do something on my own. I decided that baby steps were in order.

Since I wanted to send a bridesmaid newsletter, I decided that this would be my trial by fire! BM newsletters are a nice way to make sure everyone gets thanked and has all of the details. Once I saw KatVon's gorgeous bridesmaid card, I asked (and received!) her template.

My newsletter had 6 pages: thank you, wedding events, dress shopping, details, more details, and contact information.

Of course, I made a mistake! My pages have varying lengths of blank spaces both at the top and the bottom. I decided to turn the mistake into my favor-- and create a layered newsletter. I created 3 different size pages by cutting off the tops and bottoms.

Here is a picture of the letter inside the metallic silver envelope. The pages aren't in their neatly-- but it's the best picture. (Who knew it was so hard to photograph paper?)

It may not seem to be much-- but this took me many hours! I am very proud. My efforts were rewarded when two of my maids took the time to write me a very sweet thank-you note.

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