Saturday, December 8, 2007

One More Big "To Do"

After a little over 2.5 years as a consultant at a very large firm, I was ready for a change. A lot of people thought that I was crazy to look for a job while planning a wedding. Well, maybe. Job searching is a tremendous amount of work. Yet I couldn't let the wedding hold me back in my career... so I decided to go for it!

I am very lucky-- working in technology with an MBA allows me to be very selective. I met with three companies in the job search. It sounds simple enough...but not so. In technology, there isn't just one interview. There is an interview process that involves: meeting for coffee, a technical interview, a technical test, lunch with a colleague, lunch with management, and then finally, interviews.

Lucky for me, I had two offers. Normally, I would jump for joy at the prospect of having two companies wanting to hire me. However, it made my stress level jump through the roof. Finally, I made a decision.

Well, I just completed my second week of work at my new job. My brain in swimming with all sorts of facts and figures. I am now a project manager at a software company. With approximately 120 employees, the company has an awesome culture. Here are some of the perks:

  • free massage every few months

  • free Bagels on Monday

  • more candy than anyone ever needs

  • ability to buy an additional week of vacation

  • book and magazine swap

  • gift wrap station during the holidays

If you are thinking about putting off a decision until after the wedding, I hope that you reconsider! The wedding is just one day of your life! While it is a very important day, there is no reason to put the rest of your life on hold.

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