Friday, December 7, 2007

Venue Search-- In Progress

After helping plan many brides, I was ready to begin to plan my own. There is just one major difference: I (along with my dear FI) get to make all of the decisions. Um, yeah, that is one major difference. I may be the only knottie that loves to plan a wedding ... as long as it is not my own!

With my initial criteria of a downtown Chicago venue that will host both the ceremony and reception for 100 guests to a sit down dinner, I narrowed the list down to 35. Once I called to find out availability and pricing, the list narrowed down to 19. After realizing that gratuity and tax was going to cost a whopping 33%, I narrowed the list down to 14.

Through some sort of spreadsheet magic, I've narrowed my list down to 7. Today, my dear FI and I went to see two venues. Although there was close to a $30 per person price difference, we found the venues to be comparable. No decisions have been made yet... but we are on our way!

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Aud said...

I was reading your posts & saw that you are holding your wedding @ Hotel Allegro. I have just begun the initial stages of finding a reception site(want to get it done!) & was curious in your seach if you had any helpful advice as I have sent several RFPs, probably to places you looked at as well (Allerton,71,Congress)! My Knottie name is aud24raf. Thanks in advance!

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