Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Day Before the Wedding Part 2: The Morning

Our wedding was flawless but we had a few issues the week before our wedding.  Namely, we had a ton of stuff still to do.

My job had me flying to New York City each week up until the week of the wedding.  When I found out, I put on a brave face.  In public, I laughed.  Privately, I cried.  Denton pitched in but we still had a lot to do.

Denton's family arrived early Thursday morning.  They helped us get things done all day: (gift wrap the favors, buy a steamer, drop items off at the hotel, buy jewelry, buy my rehearsal dinner dress, get items boxed up for the hotel, etc.).  My family arrived late that evening.  Since they didn't have a ton of money, we had them staying with us.  In our 750 square foot condo. After dinner, Denton headed to the hotel to stay the night with his parents.  I shared a bed with my niece while my other niece and nephew were on an air mattress.  We stayed up far too late but it had been so long since I had all of them with me!!

On Friday morning, Denton showed up at 7:45AM ready to take over, per our agreement.  I had just one more thing on his to do list. 

  • I needed him to redo all of the menus.

He pleaded, he begged.  He silently cursed me.  He re-did the menus.

The menus didn't look right.  Office Max had cut the menus without leaving enough space around the edge.  He reluctantly agreed.

I woke up the kids, assigned them tasks, and headed off to Blo to get a spray tan, waxing, and a blow-out.  Then, I took a cab to the Four Seasons to drop off a surprise for the Bridesmaid Luncheon.  I  headed to the hotel to check-in but unfortunately my room wasn't ready.  Luckily, we had access to the Stardust Suite so we got ready in there.

Then, it was off to the Bridesmaid Luncheon.  Read all about the second part of my day here.

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