Monday, January 14, 2008

My Ring.

My original plan was to wear my engagement ring on my right hand and my wedding ring on my left hand. I am not a fan of stacking an engagement ring ontop of a wedding ring. I also only wear one ring per hand.

My plan went out the window when my fiance bought me a gorgeous amethyst for my 30th birthday.

I call it my, "I'm 30 and fabulous ring."

My new plan is to get just one ring. One perfect ring.

I wear my amathyst on my left hand. It's funny because as soon as you say you are engaged, there are some women that immediately look at your left ring finger. These women usually do a double take when they see my ring.

I have always been the type of girl to march to the beat of my own drum so this suits me just fine. However, I am not sure what I want for my wedding ring. It has to have lots of pave. If I get a center stone, it has to be an Asscher cut.

Asscher cut center stone with pave band. This is close to what I envision my wedding ring to look like.

Gorgeous cushion cut ring with pave and filigree.

Do you have your dream ring?


Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

Just came across your blog! I love that you are not one to follow "the rules" simply because it is an expectation!

BellaBride said...

That's some bling, for those who feel "If you've got it, flaunt it."

Unknown said...

I'm confused. Do you not already have an engagement ring? Are you buying an engagement ring instead of a wedding band?

Misse said...

I am getting one ring to celebrate my marriage.

~M said...

I LOVE my radiant engagement ring - my fiancé and I picked it out together at a Chicago jeweler's. We're going to get plain/classic wedding bands. Have any of you seen great deals on wedding bands?

Misse said...

If you are based in Chicago, Jeweler's Row is your best bet for a deal on a ring.

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