Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hello Lover!

For my wedding shoes, I planned on a total splurge for my wedding shoes. They needed to be pumps. Preferably, d'orsey. And, I really wanted a shoe that I could re-wear to many formal events.

Here are some of the top contenders.

Polka dot Manolo Blaniks, what more could a girl ask for? Actually, silver. Gold doesn't match at all. Otherwise, I would have totally bought them.

I heart bows. These Stuart Weitzman shoes are only available in limited sizes.

Fellow blogger Tara plans to buy these beauties in fuschia.

I found these on the wild west of the web...and have no idea who makes them. They aren't quite perfect but I love the color!

My dress wouldn't go with a pointy-toe shoe. If it did, these would be the ones that I would love and adore.

This is a fabulous shoe. Really. It isn't quite right with my gown but I do love it. I wish Kate Spade made it in black.

On a total whim on a very slushy and gross Chicago day, I decided to head over to Saks to browse. Why is it that the sales staff in shoe departments always look at your shoes? To protect myself from the elements, I was wearing tan suede cowboy boots. Not very fashionista but it is the best I could do in the weather.

The sales staff brought over two pairs for me. The first was a pair by Gucci with gold. No can do. The second, well, I think they found a slice of heaven for me.

Pair found on the web, by Allie. Apparently they were the hit of the Fall Fashion Week.

Of course, they didn't have my size 36. All of Saks was sold out. Neiman's, Nordstrom, Berghoff, Intermix, and Barney's don't sell Oscar shoes. Panic in the disco!

Finally, I called up the NYC Oscar boutique. Desperation in my voice, you have the shoe? ....In a 36? champagne? Yes!!

The oversized brooch makes me swoon.

4 inch heels. Did you know that heels make for a better sex life?

Hello Lover!


Tara said...

Those shoes are fantastic!

and thanks for the mention

Angie said...

The shoes you loved (the reddish with the rhinestone oval) are from David's Bridal, actually. They were my wedding shoes and I LOVED them. Super comfy. I think they were about $50? Anyway, cute shoes!!

BellaBride said...

Whatever floats your boat.

alissa said...

Those are beautiful shoes! I love them. D'orsays are my faaavorite. Thanks for having Grace's Birdcage Wedding on your blog list!

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