Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pinching Pennies

I would like to say that my entire wedding was paid without batting an eyelash. It just ain’t so. Several eyelashes have been batted and maybe, one or two eyebrows have been lifted.

While we aren’t going into debt or touching our savings, we have to cut some corners so that we can afford our dream wedding. How so? Well, here are some practical ways to save a few dollars for your wedding.

1. Brunch, Dinner, and Good Eats—We cut down on our dining out. We will go out for dinner IF we have a gift certificate or if we have made plans to go out with friends. (We don’t want to become antisocial!) We also came up with the idea of going to some places that are BYOB. However, we haven’t done that yet—but it is another great way to save money.

2. Clothes- Both me and my fiancé are shoppers. Serious shoppers. We decided that we aren’t buying any clothes this year unless we need them. First, let me qualify this budget saving tip. My fiancé has over 60 dress shirts for work. In the past few months, he has managed to lose some weight. The shirts looked fine but his dress pants were hanging off of him. He simply had to buy new work clothes. (Did he really need three pairs of Theory pants at $200 a pop? I digress.) As for me, I have enough clothes to last me several years. Do I really need another sweater considering that I own 42 already? No. But… I did end up buying a deep red sweaterdress to stay up on the latest trends.

3. Giving up our Vices- Some people collect wine, my fiancé collects beer. He has an off-site beer cellar to keep his stash in the appropriate temperature. We agreed that he wouldn’t buy any beer IF I wouldn’t buy any beauty products. It’s a little insane but, with few exceptions, we have kept our agreement. I don’t know what is crazier—he hasn’t bought any beer (but has still been regularly drinking a beer 4-5 per week) OR that I haven’t even made a dent in my eye shadow or lip gloss collection.

4. Use ‘em up!- We have credit everywhere. Miles on American Airlines (Using for the honeymoon). Gift cards (Birthday and Holiday Presents). Discounts from belonging to certain programs. We are trying to use them up for everything. It’s surprising what you can buy for (almost) free.

Do you have any other money saving tips?


Helena said...


Just stopping by :) I noticed that you ordered your FI's tux from JoS. A Bank. Can you do a review on it? There's a retail store several hours away from us so before we make the trek, it'd be soooo helpful if you can share your experience with us!


Jessica said...

Hey, thanks for posting these. these are really great ideas. a lot of people also go out to eat a lot, and dont want to give it up because this is when and how they socialize with friends. one alternative to save is to host a potluck for friends at your place, even rotating at people's houses. everyone saves, brings food, and gets to hang out. in fact you probably hang out longer since no waiters rushing you out from table!

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