Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Invitations Part II

Yesterday, I posted about my problems. Today, I'm posting about how beautiful the invitations turned out.

Vintage Postage Montage

Outer envelope with vintage postage stamps + calligraphy

The inner envelope with the calligraphy done by Marilyn

Opening the inner envelope, our lined envelopes (that caused me much pain + distress)

I love how my name is framed when you open the inner envelope

Our beautiful invitations from White Aisle website

They are on the website as a sample of Rajasthan
I love the artistic shots!

Response Cards- we left them blank so that guests could write us heartfelt notes

The response card with the postage stamp from Zazzle.
As you can see, the horiztonal stamps barely fit.

Since we didn't have enough for every repsonse card,
we bought additional postage stamps from Your Stamps

Tomorrow, I am going to post vendor reviews for my invitations.


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

they are beautiful! i love the montage of vintage stamps. perfect coloring.

Anonymous said...

Misse... is 41 cents for the response taking the postal hike into account?

The invites are positively gorgeous. No wonder they used them as the example!

Misse said...

Thank you!

My response cards are due on April 24th so I don't need the $.42 stamps. Thanks for checking though. I appreciate it.

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