Saturday, May 3, 2008

Adventures in NYC

As I sat down on the subway, I looked around. (People watching is one of my favorite things to do!) I noticed that the girl next to me had a stack of lists, a very long to do list, and a handful of thank you cards. She had the look of someone that had a lot on her mind. In an instant, I knew that she was a bride-to-be.

Breaking social norms, I turned to her and asked, “Are you getting married?” She smiled and said, “Yes!” I said, “I knew it! I am too! I saw all of those lists and knew that you had to be a bride!”

She was so sweet. We talked about our dates (May 3rd to May 17th), planning from afar (she’s getting married in Jamaica while I’ve been recently transported to NYC), and the fun and perils of wedding planning.

I never caught her name. Regardless, Congratulations to all the May 3rd Brides!

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