Tuesday, October 28, 2008

M+D: Bridal Party Introductions

Around 8PM, guests were asked to be seated for dinner.  I took a peak inside beforehand.  I was so pleased with the way that the room looked!  Everyone pitched in to make the room look PERFECT.

The room looked amazing.  
More tables with the candy buffet in the background.
To drive home the point about dancing between the courses, the designer, Katrina, wrote dancing six times.  It created a visual break in the menu as well!

The Head Table with the Cake in the background.  Amy Beck did an amazing job.

Once the guests were seated, the Bridal Party got ready to be introduced.

Boas?  Absolutely!  Bridal Party Introductions, by definition, are a little cheesy.  
I wanted us ham it up.

The Bridal Party walked into Chicago by Frank Sinatra.
Our St. Louis contingency.
The Best Man with the Maid of Honor
Sassy Me.
We were introduced to Mambo Italiano by Dean Martin.

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