Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last Minute Additions: Bubbles!

I adore champagne.   This is apparent by:

  • My bachelorette party included a few bottles as well as going to Pops for Champagne.
  • My fridge currently contains six bottles.
  • My last minute addition to our wedding was champagne.

Before I continue, I'd like to vent.  I am extremely frustated that numerous caterers and venues charge exorbinant rates for champagne.  I've seen vendors charge brides $8 per person for a glass of mediocre champagne for tasting.


I am utterly frustrated that vendors make it near impossible to serve quality champagne.  When I told one of my Italian friends my wish to have champagne to be available all evening, she was shocked at the exorbiant rates.

Back to my story...

I called my hotel coordinator to find out the cost of champagne through out the night.  Denton and I researched different bottles of champagne.  We asked them to consider:

In the end, we opted to serve Iron Horse.  The name alone, Wedding Cuvee, is perfect along with the fact that we had a bottle when we celebrated our one year dating anniversary.  (It was a sign of things to come!)

If you are interested in upgrading your bar, here is a great article listing inexpensive sparking white wines.

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PinkG said...

Oh thanks for the link!

Am working on a post about champagne for my blog will definitely use this. Iron horse is lovely!


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