Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ask the Bee: Should I Invite Her?

I have a quick question about's probably a dumb question, but...I sent a Save the Date card to a friend of mine, with whom I've rarely spoken.  Because I sent her a Save the Date card, should I still invite her to the wedding, even though we no longer have a friendship?

In a word, yes. 

Sending a save the date is a type of invitation. It's an invitation to Save the Date for an invitation that will be forth coming. The It's an invitation to save the date for an invitation that will be forth coming. It is just as rude as dis-inviting someone from a party.  

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Angie said...

What if you had a big argument with the person and the friendship is dissolved forever?

Misse said...

If the relationship is dissolved for ever, then you do not invite her. However, be very sure as your action of not inviting her may cause irrevocable damage.

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