Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Swoon, goes my heart...

There are a few words that make my heart race.

I love you.
We're getting married!
Sample sale.

Sample sale? Ahh, yes, a sample sale. There is nothing quite like the amazing bargains available at a sample sale. Call it Midwestern practicality, but I love a good sale. In fact, I have given many girls the death stare when they zero in on my fashionista goods. Unlike my past fights over Gucci, wedding sample sales are much more dignified affairs.

And since it is the beginning of August, I plan on listing some fabulous sales in the near future. This one might not be super helpful unless you have a trip to the East Coast planned in the next few days. If you have never heard of Michael C Fina, well you are missing out! The store carries fabulous jewelry, china, crystal, and even wedding invitations.

until August 6th
in stores, only

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