Thursday, January 28, 2010

Martha + Julio

I met Martha and Julio over a year before their wedding day. They were so deeply involved the planning of their event, I was really excited to work with the two of them. And when they told me the inspiration of their wedding (vintage, day of the day), I knew that it would going to be a gorgeous wedding. It was fantastic!! In fact, a certain local bridal magazine is going to feature their wedding. Sadly, our name won't be associated with the wedding because we are "just day of coordinators".

But on to the couple! Martha and Julio are both educators. They are, by far, the most considerate couple. I mean, I think that they asked me how I was doing on the day of their wedding almost a dozen times. I was so happy to meet them. They are a wonderful couple!

Catering: Tri-Star Catering
Church: St. Francis of Assisi
Miller's Flowers
Crowne Plaza
LaSalle Limo
Jeremy Lawson
Catalyst Ranch

All photo by Jeremy Lawson.

I adored Martha's shoes. Red + bows = fabulousness

The bride is the limo on the way to the church. Her styling was spot on. I love the birdcage veil with the beautiful dress.

The groom patiently waits for the bride at the church.

Since there wasn't A/C in the church, the couple provided fans for guests.

The bride walks down the aisle with her parents. Do you see that DRESS? I LOVE IT!!!

I love it when a photographer catches the couple sneaking looks at each other while at the alter.

The silhouette of the dress is absolutely perfect fit.

Jeremy is the type of photographer that catches all of those fantastic details!

The newlyweds head out to the hot August sun!

It's one of those perfect shots that makes me smile.

After the ceremony, the couple went around the city to take some photos with the bridal party and family.

I love the shades of brown with the bright accents.

I am so jealous that Martha has this great bridal party shot. It is one of the few shots that we didn't get.

Pure genius! I hope that this is hanging in their living room.

The couple took some really modern shots. I adore that they didn't stick with formula poses.

Once the bridal party left, the couple took taxis around the city.

It is so refreshing to see a photo that didn't include Lake Michigan!

Isn't this photo so adorable?

More fantastic photos are coming tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Misse! Our day would not have been as wonderful if you had not kept us on track in the weeks leading up to the wedding and, of course, on our wedding day. The stress factor was at zero the day of because we knew you had everything under control.

wed in the white city said...

Seriously, Jeremy Lawson is genius. Love his work - and the brides dress is really cool too

my favorite posts are your real wedding ones.. :)

Misse said...

Martha, You are a wonderful person and I was delighted to work with you!

Nicole, I love Jeremy too. And I will try to keep posting the Real Wedding posts. We've got a lot more coming up!!

Anonymous said...

Please proofread your blog entries. There are quite a few irritating typos in your descriptions.

Misse said...


I do the best job that I can. Unfortunately, this software is not the best. If it is so irritating, you can always not read my blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I would hope that as a wedding coordinator, your attention to detail would be much stronger and you wouldn't rely solely on spellcheck.

Misse said...


My spell check abilities do not directly correlate to my ability to have produce a visually stunning wedding.

It does, however, relate to the fact that I work about 70 hours per week.

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