Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our fantastic Turkish Honeymoon...

Often when I meet with a couple for a consultation, they me where did we go on our honeymoon. When I reply Turkey, there is usually a look of surprise. Well, there used to be a look of surprise. Now, Turkey is becoming more and more popular! Our first stop is Istanbul! We then went to Ephesus for a few days to see the amazing ancient city and then relaxed for 5 days seaside at Fethiye.

On a cruise up the Bosphorus River, with the New Mosque in the background.

Turndown service at the Ritz

Spice Market- Denton bought all sorts of treats!!

Aya Sophia in the background. It was a beautiful day!

In Fethiye, we didn't to anything but lay out, read, and eat.

Ephesus is an amazing archeological site: Library of Celsus, the Roman Govenor of Asia Minor in 2nd century AD.

View of the rest of the city of Ephesus from a hilltop


weatherinturkey said...

Wow, it looks like you had a wonderful time. Your photos really do it justice, I feel like I amy there right now.

Joe - www.weatherinturkey.org.uk

Misse said...


Thanks! I plan on doing a second post this week of the rest of the trip.


anjali nakhooda said...

We are booking our honeymoon to Turkey this week, so can't wait to see your second post!

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