Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bridal Event: Cynthia Rowley Bridesmaids

This dress is gorgeous and it has my two favorite things, pockets and a bow! Come to the event and help celebrate the new collection by Cynthia Rowley.

Tuesday, June 15
6-8 PM
810 West Armitage Avenue

Dress fittings by Bella Bridesmaids

To RSVP, email chicagoevents@cynthiarowley.com


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous dress, especially in that color. Would look fabulous with so many different flower color(s)

Julia said...

I love this dress, too! But I've gotta say, I have this (maybe?) irrational fear about strapless dresses and pockets. What happens if you shove your hands in too fast? Or put something too heavy in the pockets? I guess you could just not do either, but then what's the point?

Misse said...


You made me LOL. Any well-made strapless dress should have some boning to hold it up. The boning will elimate your fear. Unless you are related to Pamela Anderson. Or went to her surgeon.


Julia said...

Okay, now YOUR comment made me laugh, Misse! Thanks for the feedback.

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