Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's your favorite wedding tradition?

In the October 2010 issue of InStyle, celebrities were asked "What's your favorite wedding tradition?"

"I loved not seeing her that day until we saw each other during the ceremony."
-- Ellen DeGeneres

"Brides tend to forget to wear something blue. I had a little blue ribbon sewn into my dress that I really loved."
-- Ashlee Simpson- Wentz

"The toasts! Sometimes they're funny or inappropriate. You're like, "Wow, maybe you don't want to share that with 150 people."
-- Kate Walsh

"Well, I'm Mexican, so we have a lot of them. I love the lasso in Catholic ceremonies. It's basically a rosary that they put around the bride and the groom."
-- Eva Longoria Parker

The article really struck me because it took me awhile to have a favorite wedding tradition. I absolutely love the anniversary dance and am thrilled to see it slowly replacing the bridal bouquet toss. I rather celebrate marriage at any wedding.

What is your favorite tradition?

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