Friday, February 4, 2011

Magazines, how I love thee.

I am addicted to magazines. I read them in bed, on trains and buses, when I'm waiting in line or waiting at the doctor's. I read them between client appointments too. Currently, I subscribe to:

(18) CS Brides
(19) CS

So it only makes sense that Online Magazines are my latest addiction. I have been reading Lonny for ever. My latest reads are Matchbook, Adore and Highgloss. Below are some of my inspirations!
  • Loving this entire spread. I own that Kate Spade vase and while that isn't my exact sofa, the color is a perfect match. Oh, and I've had those Jonathan Adler stools on my Wish List forever.
  • Was pleased to see that I'm not the only person that still uses Juicy Tubes but was then horrified to see Chelsea Handler's choice in body lotions. Ugh! Maybe I should give up Juicy Tube collection?
  • Agreed with about most of this article regarding investment pieces. Most recently, I purchased a Burberry trench (#1) and feel validated by my decision. But #2 and #8 do nothing for me. Loved it but...
  • But if you really want the ultimate shopping list, turn to page 38 of Matchbook. I actually printed the checkoff list and am the proud owner of 29 items. I never considered myself a classic kind of girl but this list just speaks to me.
Hopefully, you can enjoy some of these online magazines for some inspiration.


Kellirdan said...

Does Adore have allow for subscriptions? I notice all the others do, but I cannot find one for Adore. Thanks for the insight!!!

Misse said...

Hi. Yes, you can subscribe. Go here and click on the link called Subscribe.

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