Friday, June 24, 2011

E-Session Part 2

We received our pictures this week and are thrilled! I have looked through them more times than I can remember and am so excited to finally share them! It was hard, but I have picked out some of our favorites. Thank you again to Steve Koo! You are awesome!

Ring shot...I love these kind of pictures and was super excited when Steve asked for my ring.

The sun in this one is beautiful.

One of my favorites. The fog turned out to be pretty cool.

I saw a dandelion and had to do this...not sure if Kyle enjoyed it :)

Another one of my favorites. This is on the hill at Montrose Beach.

Kyle's favorite

I can't wait for the wedding pictures!

1 comment:

Calli | Wedding Favors said...

I love the third picture. Its so cute and stunning. "Kyle's favorite" is also beautiful and worth a place on your bedroom wall. :)

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