Friday, July 8, 2011

Reception Flowers

I recently discovered how beautiful baby's breath looks in bulk. It is simply perfect for my wedding. It gives a dreamy, romantic look and is exactly what I needed to make my reception look wintery. I am going to have 8 tall centerpieces like the picture below. I will also be using them to line my aisle during the ceremony!

I love the tight, bulb look it gives as well...simple, yet elegant.

Because I'm having 8 tall and 8 short centerpieces, I wanted to include a variety of flowers. I still want to keep baby's breath in the short centerpiece. I love this picture with the hydrangeas, anemones and baby's breath. I think it ties my colors, black and white, perfectly together!

The last item to find to bring in the silver component are vases. I've always loved solid color vases over clear ones filled with flowers, water, etc. These are on my wish list but are most likely over my budget...I am thinking about maybe this becoming my first DIY project.

Picture from Pottery Barn


matrimony said...
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Tina @ wedding favors said...

Until when is this event gonna take place? Is there any possibility that there will be a repeat?

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