Monday, August 15, 2011

Meridel + Wes

Cake: Luscious Layers
Ceremony + Reception: Newberry Library
Florals: DIY + Sprout Home
Make-up: Sonia Roselli
Photographer: Robert Wojtowicz

Meridel is such a lovely girl. We live very near each other and met at a coffee shop to go over the details of her weddings plans. Wes was out of town on work so she did most of the planning. As a gracious host, her main concern was that she wanted her guests to relax and enjoy the wedding day. She had a lot of DIY. It was wonderful to see her plans turn out exactly as planned!

The gorgeous bride on the morning of her wedding. I own those earrings and they look perfect on her.
Doesn't she look lovely?


Meridel and Wes took some photos in the city before the evening ceremony.

I am so in love with her lace dress. It's gorgeous!

A bright and sunny April Day.
Chicago weather isn't exactly predictable and sometimes, I am pleasantly surprised.

Tomorrow, I will post photos about the ceremony and reception at the Newberry Library.

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