Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dinner Parties are the new black.

Every wedding season is not the same.  This year, my March was busy but I had a slow April.  Instead of taking the down time, I decided to do a photoshoot at Calihan Catering.  I worked with Beth from Larkspur on the design as well as Delma from Private Label Linens.

My inspiration was to do a design that could look fabulous at a wedding but did not look like a wedding.  I imagined hosting a chic dinner party using lots of color with touches of gold.  I wanted the feel of the event to be simultaneously fun and elegant.  Too often, I feel that clients want one end of the spectrum.  I could see myself as a guest at this event, wearing a long maxi-dress with loads of bracelets and a casual flat sandal (gold, of course). Can you?

All photos by Dennis Lee.

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Anonymous said...

Like any other bridal gowns, this is great with a perfect custom wedding jewelry. I liked the concept and I hope I can see this in person. Thanks.

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